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even espnW:
espnw bad headline

Former USWNT team star (2 time gold medalist, World Cup Winner) Lauren Holiday is NBA player Jrue Holiday’s wife. She is suffering from a brain tumor and is pregnant with their first child. I sincerely hope she gets better and treatment is successful. I also hope these headlines get better. She is a star who played 10 years on one of the most popular sports teams of that era. Her name should be featured on a sports site, especially espnW.

#DNCinPhilly: Contrast with Cleveland


The RNC has been disqualifying event for me since 2008 when Sarah Palin got up to speak. It was ideologically inconsistent and reductive view of the American experience. It proved to be the most coherent thing she would ever say under the national spotlight. Pundits quickly fell out of love with her the more it became evident she was a disqualifying pick for VP. Every Republican ticket from that point on has tapped her at one point or another to pitch in and it’s a bigger disaster every time.

I can see a Republican saying Romney and Paul Ryan would do just fine for them.

This year’s RNC, this year has to be a deal breaker for anyone who is sane. The deal breaker is not just Donald Trump. It’s the awful speakers. It’s the tepid endorsements or non-endorsements. It’s the way most Republicans in close races stayed away from the convention. It’s the adversarial, divisive and fearful tone. It’s the ridiculous self congratulation over the first openly gay person (who happens to be a billionaire) addressing the RNC for the first time…in 2016.

A friend of mine said this last night as we watched Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination: no living President supports the Republican nominee for that office. Even George W. doesn’t think he has what it takes. Cleveland was a deal breaker.

#DNCinPhilly: Never Been Here Before


I was seriously irked by the three young Sanders delegates (new members of the power elite) who at their first DNC’s were still on the fence or never going to support HRC. Then I realized these 20 some year olds weren’t old enough to remember “Gore Bush Same diff” theme, championed by Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader, during the 2000 campaign that brought us the first four years of GW’s sub par administration.

It would do some of us olders to remember that before we say “wtf” to the youngins: that they have never been here before.

Anyone Gen X or Older can f*ck off, but the Millenials came with wildly outsized expectations of the convention process. On social media and in fever pitched faux revolutionary meetings, i am sure they were being told by oldheads who had never been to a DNC that Roberts Rules of Order would open up a portal back in time that would allow them to get Bernie to the nomination.

We should, it’s tough to, try to convince them to embrace pragmatism in absence of their original hope.

No One True Liberal


The modern American presidency is a mountain of responsibilities, impossible decisions and tough calls. A President gets into office and start making decisions that will change the country and often the world.

Every liberal president is less of a liberal than the liberal candidate they were. They have or want to do awful things that absolutely no true liberal ever on Twitter or Facebook would ever do if they were president. At times, the good bills can’t get passed, other times a bill passes and there are unintended consequences or not enough consequences, sometimes they just believe in a thing that must be done that isn’t very good because it’s what supposed sensible adults who aren’t very liberal but are very trusted tell them to do and other times they just screw up and do a liberal thing very poorly.

Whether it be President Clinton or President Sanders or President Stein or President Clean Up After President Trump, they will all end up doing something that will disappoint or hurt a lot of people. The point of a lefty in the Oval Office is a liberal president can readily be pushed or supported in their pursuit of accomplishing liberal things.

None of them is one true liberal, they are all real life liberals. They will all fail most of our purity tests, they will even fail their own. We’ll never elect one true liberal because they don’t exist, we can elect a real life liberal President to do one liberal thing after another.

Dressers v Guns


Ikea is recalling 29 million chests and dressers that can easily tip over and trap children underneath. Six children have been killed and three dozen others injured in the past 27 years, and federal safety officials on Tuesday urged consumers to take immediate action.

Source: Ikea Recalls Dresser Cited In Deaths Of Three Toddlers

This Ikea recall is due to just over one (1) per year violent incident due to faulty design 1 for the 27 years this line of furniture has been available.

Since 23 toddlers have shot that many people between January 1 and May 1, 2016, it’s safe to say more toddlers will be involved in gun violence in 2016 than this dresser has seriously hurt or killed over 27 years.

1. Really, we avoid any dressers that require mooring against the wall whenever possible. It’s a reasonable expectation to assume that most people assemble a dresser and assume it’s free standing.

“It is very unjust”


“The Benghazi Mission was understaffed. We know that now,” Stevens said. “But, again, Chris knew that. It wasn’t a secret to him. He decided to take the risk to go there. It is not something they did to him. It is something he took on himself.”Stevens, the chief of pediatric rheumatology at Seattle Children’s Hospital, also told the magazine Clinton has taken “full responsibility” for the tragedy and she doesn’t “see any usefulness in continuing to criticize [Clinton]. It is very unjust.”

Source: Slain Ambassador Chris Steven’s Sister Speaks Out: ‘I Do Not Blame’ Clinton

“Pay me what you owe me”


“Donors are demanding a lot these days, man, and they want answers and they want results, and a lot of them hit the panic button a lot,” said Theresa Kostrzewa, a Republican lobbyist and donor based in North Carolina, who is supporting former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida. “This is a new day. Donors consider a contribution like, ‘Well, wait, I just invested in you. Now I need to have my say; you need to answer to me.’ ”

Source: Big Donors Seek Larger Roles in Presidential Campaigns – The New York Times


Andrew S. Tanenbaum on intentional reduction of polls and the problems it created with voting access in AZ on Tuesday:

Judging by what happened in Arizona Tuesday, it’s working. In many areas with large minority populations, such as Maricopa County, the lines to vote were generally an hour or more, and sometimes the wait was as much as five hours. In some predominantly Latino areas, there were no polling places at all. As The Nation notes, the word “disenfranchised” was being used quite liberally.There is time enough before the general election for lawsuits to be filed; presumably the DNC is working on that already. But whether those lawsuits are resolved in time for the election, especially with an eight-person Supreme Court, is another question. It is entirely possible that a few close states, most obviously Arizona, New Mexico, and North Carolina, could end up in the Republican column due to these machinations.

Source: ElectoralVote

When people think of the national Democratic party, state Democratic parties and groups like NAACP or Voto Latino predicting these issues and having lawsuits in the pipeline is kinda what people expect of these groups. It’s hard to vote for Democrats when they don’t do what Democrats would love.

Watch: “The Expanse”


I love “The Expanse” on SyFy. It’s a movie quality production, featuring researched science fx within an action-thriller plotted into a tight serial with plenty of suspense and a rich multi-world backdrop. There are strong performances from a cast that is diverse in gender and race. Among many strong performances, DOMINIQUE TIPPER stands out as a real no nonsense gangsta space engineer…

14. Naomi Nagata from the Expanse: I’m so happy that this character exists; she is everything! I just finished the first season of the show and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m probably Naomi’s number one fan. She’s a Belter (born and raised amongst the asteroids of our solar system), has multiple degrees, and is a spaceship engineer.  In other words, she’s the brains of the show, using her skills to get her comrades out of sticky situations. She also has an authoritative quality to her; what she says goes. Naomi is highly logical, and is the voice of reason in a group comprised of an idealistic captain, a self-doubting pilot, and a trigger-happy sociopath. I can’t wait to see more of this Mohawk rocking, spacefaring maven as she continues to kick ass intellectually.

source: The Demise of the Damsel in Distress: The Badass Women of Science Fiction – Black Girl Nerds

Watch it!

unapologetic blackness: Beyoncé rocks militant


On twitter I wrote…

Beyoncé’s halftime cameo? takeover? was full of pro-black imagery:

Her costume paid homage to Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl. The backup dancers dressed in Black Panther inspired costumes miles away from the birthplace of the Marxist civil rights era political organization. Beyonce and the her squad least subliminal formation was an “X” right at the 50 yard line. The lyrics of song of choice “Formation” has her stating her heritage as a Negro and Creole, two distinctly American heritages linked inextricably to the black diaspora. She declares her love for her man’s nose and his “Jackson 5 nostrils”.

the reference image for aforementioned nostrils (source Wikimedia, Jackson 5 1974)

And it begins and ends with references to Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans.

This is Beyoncé publicly claiming blackness  (No Dolezal). But Beyonce’s salute to the young black people was when she hit the “Milly Rock”.

The “Milly Rock” is a song and a two step that is the immediate cousin of last year’s “Shmoney Dance” by Flatbush, Brooklyn rappers  Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel  from the video for the single “Hot N*gga”. Beyonce and Jay Z cosigned the Shmoney Dance during their “On the Run” concert.

2 Milly is a rapper from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. 2 Milly is a ___ of “Too Militant”, but the militant is in the lyrics. “Milly Rock on Any Block”. This is genius.


I originally missed this, due to being out at a bar in Scottsdale watching the game while enjoying adult beverages while watching the game. but black twitter was on point and young black twitter is still talking about it.

it’s code talking to the young black people.